Time for a New Room

Bill and Jennifer have been looking to add an additional guest room downstairs to accommodate visitors. They wanted to create the guest bedroom in their current grand family room. They are looking to get an architect to come to review the space and provide drawings for the reconstruction of their family room to see if it's even feasible. There is a lot of space they feel could be utilized better.

William Owens is award winning residential design firm that's been recognized for creating space with careful detail. William is an expert on architecture and sustainable design. He works at ensuring his customers are happy with what he is creating and encourages dialogue between the client, design team and site.

Bill and Jennifer found William's architecture firm through friends as well as reviewing Yelp for recommendations. While looking at William's work on his website, they felt he would be a good person to help them with their new guest room. Bill called Williams architecture firm to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

The Consultation

The following week, William and his team came to Bill and Jennifer's house where they were in awe with the grand family room. There were some design challenges as the space had very low ceilings. Also, the expansion of the house was limited to the existing grand family room.

William and his structural engineer needed to figure out a plan to address the issues they found with Bill and Jennifer's home. They told the couple it would take a few days in order to get a plan together. The quote would include plans and sketches for their review.

William diligently worked with his structural engineer and contractor to figure out the best way to structurally renovate the grand family room and add an additional bedroom and bathroom in that space. He and his team took a few days to assess the scope of the project. They were able to get a cost structure for the proposed work and some sketches together.

William was able to come up with three (3) different designs for the home. He proceeded to use Mosspaper to provide three (3) options to the customer based on their specifications. With each quote, he wrote a description to highlight each unique feature of the design as well as invoice line items details that include labor time and rates. William attached each drawing and plan to each quote for Bill and Jennifer's review.

Tracking Through Mosspaper

Upon creation, he confirms all the quotes and it's sent email to Bill and Jennifer through Mosspaper. He is able to easily track where the quote is in the sales cycle in Mosspaper. Once the quotes are viewed, William gets a notification from Mosspaper. He usually forwards those notifications over to his team so they know this client is pretty serious about a project.

Bill and Jennifer take a few days to review the information and scheduled a meeting with William to get over the details. In that meeting, he invited his team in to address any questions the couple had. They were able to narrow down the design to quote #3. This design would create an open room with clean lines as they were going to replaced the heavier wood beams with thin steel tie-rods.

Bill clicks on the secure URL link and approves it by signing electronically in person. He was able to provide a credit card deposit through Mosspaper. Bill is sent an email confirmation for everything and happy with the ease of use of the process.

William moves forward to convert the quote into a contract through Mosspaper. Since a deposit was made, he uses contracts to include timelines of all his projects. In converting the quote, Mosspaper takes all the original information from the quote and has it available in the contract. The contract was sent to Bill as a confirmation.


The Magic Begins

The couple moved all their furniture out of their grand family room so William’s team can work on the house. The family room was built in 1 month according to the agreed specifications. To ensure they have copies of the customer's agreed upon specifications, the team is able to refer to the signed quote and contract available online with all reference documents.

The team knows where the information is, how to get to it, and all the parameters around the agreement between William's firm and the clients. All communication was stored on the quote as well in the comment box made accessible next to the quote. With all the information coordinated with one focal point, therefore, improving miscommunications dramatically.