Fundraising Event

Rachel is a director of a non-profit organization that wants to put on a charity event inviting different sponsors and singers to fundraise for music and arts education. The event usually brings in about 200 attendees depending on ticket sells. All proceeds go to music and art education for children in elementary and junior high school.

MG Audio /Video / Lighting is a full service technical event production company. MG Audio provides technical services for sporting events, concerts, parades, trade shows, conferences, weddings, air shows, theater, galas and many events. Joe, the owner of MG Audio, needs to ensure all equipment requirements are quoted and coordinate personnel. He uses Mosspaper to streamline his business and provide more visibility to his team.


Mapping out the Venue

Rachel is looking for a vendor to help with the audio, video and lighting for the event. There will be performers who will be a part of the entertainment that night. She reaches out to MG Audio/Video/Lighting to help with the event. Upon speaking with Rachel on the phone, Joe knew it was probably best to meet Rachel in person at the venue to get a better idea of the layout of the charity event.

During the walkthrough, Rachel and Joe discuss the layout, the performances, and cost. Based on the layout, Joe was able to figure out what kind of speakers, microphones, and lights were needed to host the 200 guests that are planning to attend this event. While at the venue, they sketched out the layout and where the stage will be. Then, mapped out where all the equipment would be with the personnel required to setup, manage the stage during the event, and tear down the set up. Since this was a non-profit charity, Joe wanted to give the organization some extra equipment at no cost to rent for the night.

Joe goes into Mosspaper to create the quote based on the specifications given to him by Rachel. He writes a quote description describing what his team will do and which day. He includes in the rental cost of all the equipments and staging requirements. He attaches the layout drawings that he revised so his team can reference what was agreed upon. He does one more quick review and confirms the quote to be sent to Rachel. She receives the quote in her email with a link to the quote for her review.


She rejects the quote and adds into the comment box that they will need to meet again as their venue has changed to a different location. Joe goes to meet Rachel at a bigger location and maps out the requirements. It was Joe's responsibility to now revise the quote based on these new specifications.

The Magic of Quotes

Upon recreating the quote, Joe decides to use some of the similar equipment he had on the original quote. He goes into Mosspaper under rejected quotes to locate the quote and clones it. All the information remains the same and Joe just makes minor adjustments to the quantities as everything else stays the same. He attaches the new layout drawings.

Joe does a final review of the quote and confirms it. An email is sent to Rachel who views the quote. She opens the link and sees all attachments to the quote. She is happy with the information being captured and clicks on “approve”. From there, she digitally signs the quote and confirms that she agrees to the terms and conditions set forth.

Mosspaper enables her to provide Joe payment directly from the quote. She pays 50% of the quote price on a school credit card. The payment is captured and saved on the quote. She receives a confirmation for the payment via email.

Joe gets a notification that the quote was approved. His assistant sees the “Approved Quote” status in Mosspaper and schedules personnel to work on the event date. A few days prior to the event, Joe’s assistant sends Rachel a payment reminder via Mosspaper. Rachel receives an email that the final payment is due before the event. She puts in her credit card information and everything is ready for go.

The team reviews the quote, requirements, and drawings to get everything set up for the 200 guests. The charity event had everything they needed from audio, background music, video, and lighting. The charity event raised $10,000 dollars for the students.