1) Click on the "Quotes" tab.

2) Quotes will appear in order of status.

3) Click on a quote title. 

4) The "Quote Details" will show.

5) Click on the menu icon, .

6) Select "Convert to Contract."

7) The information will be moved over to the Contract Creator.

8) Fill out all the appropriate information for the contract.

(a) User selects a customer.

(b) User selects the length of time the contract offer will be valid.

(c) User selects the "Start Date" and length of service.

(d) User makes modifications to invoice items. User can quickly choose from the “Add from Products/Services" list or enter in the item name, description, amount, and quantity. User has the ability to “Save Item” to be used in future quotes.

(e) To include additional products and services, click on "Add Row.”

(f) If products and services are taxable, mark "Taxable." You can fill in the tax rate and the system will automatically calculate the information.

(g) Include any discounts as needed.

(h) If the customer does not need to sign the contract, then de-select the “Approval Required” box. This is only when you are sending the customer a contract confirmation. Otherwise, the system will automatically ask for your customer to sign the contract.

(i) User can include Notes such as store, exchange, or return policies.

(j) User can attach additional files to the contract such as diagrams, pictures, or a statement of work.

9) Click on “Continue.”

10) Review the contract. If the contract looks good, click on “Confirm and Send.”

11) The customer will receive an email notification.