1) Click on the "Products & Services" tab. 

2) Below the summary table is a menu option. Click on the menu icon, .

3) Select “Import from CSV.”

4) A pop-up will appear for you to import customer information from a CSV file. 

5) Click on “Select CSV file.”

6) Choose the CSV file you would like to upload. 

7) Click “Open.”

8) Map all of the appropriate data fields. 


This is so your information uploads to the correct fields available in the system. If the information labels are not mapped correctly, the information will not be correct when it uploaded. Please make sure you have a CSV file with the correct label. If your product and service item data does not match up to Mosspaper’s fields, then the information will not upload into the system. Clean your data before you upload it to the database. 


9) Click “Save Changes.”