1) Click on the "Add" icon, .

2) Click on "Contract."

3) User fills out “Contract Title.”

4) User selects a customer.

5) User chooses a contract expiration date.

6) User puts in information in “Description.”

7) User makes modifications to invoice items. User can quickly choose from the “Add from Products/Services" list or enter in the item name, description, amount, and quantity. User has the ability to “Save Item” to be used in future contracts.

8) To include additional products and services, click on "Add Row.”

9) If products and services are taxable, mark "Taxable." User can fill in the tax rate and the system will automatically calculate the information.

10) Include any discounts as needed.

11) User will include “Terms & Notes” such as store, exchange, or return policies. Click on “See Examples” for some suggestions.

12) User can attach additional files to the contract such as diagrams, pictures, or a statement of work.

13) Click on “Continue.”

14) The contract is now in "Draft" status. 

15) Click "Save."