1) At the top-right corner, click on the drop-down arrow next to your login email address.

2) Click on "Accounts."

3) Your user account information will appear.

4) Click on the "Invite" icon, .

5) An "Invite a User" pop-up box will appear.

6) Enter a member's email address.

 Note: Please be mindful of who you invite into the system. They have access to confidential information about your company. You have the ability to change the user’s permissions at any time.

 7) Select the member's role using the drop-down menu.


    • Group Member has the ability to: create and send out quotes or contracts, create and edit any customer profiles, quotes and contracts
    • Viewer role has the ability to: read customer profiles, quotes, or contracts

8) Click on “Send Invitation.” The invited user will receive an email with an invitation.

9) Under “Your Accounts,” you will see a list of members. An invitation is “pending” until the member approves it.