This graph tells you the quotes by status during a specific during. 

There has been an increase expired quotes. Look into the issue more. The information can give you insight into customer behavior, product and service trends as well help to improve overall business operations. 

The approved status shows the growth of your business and the number of quotes that is winning business. The expired status are quotes that were sent out to the customer and they did not approve. The pending status are quotes currently in your pipeline and business on the table. It's quotes you need to ensure gets approved. Drafts are quotes that have not been sent out. 

Suggested Areas of Improvement:

  • Business owner need to improve customer service. Manage all feedback and comment of a quote directly on the quote so expectations for the statement of work is clear and concise. A well documented quote improves customer satisfaction as expectations are all well-communicated and documented.  
  • Set the right expectations- Write better descriptions on the quote description. Mosspaper has a built-in template capturing the most information details of your contracts. Make less mistakes on your contracts with Mosspaper’s guided tool that simplifies this whole process. 
  • Review pricing strategy- Improving the consistency of your products and services items by having a standardized way of how the information will show up in quotes or contracts. A centralized price list managed by one admin decreases pricing errors as well as descriptions for products and services.  

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