This graph shows you how many quotes have been sent during a specific duration. It provides you statistics on the total number of quotes added that day, number of quotes for the month, average value of quotes, and approval rate. This information gives you a glimpse of exactly the state of your business in real time. It's imperative to have an accurate look at where you are today so you know where you're going. 

With these statistics, you are able to forecast revenue and predict growth based on the average quote with your current approval rate. You can see the work needed in order to meet your operational goals. With the statistics available, you have more visibility into areas of improvement. 

A low approval rate is a need for change in your quoting process. Some recommendations for your quotes to improve your acceptance rates: 
1) Improve communication and awareness of product to the customer through marketing collateral, blogs, videos, and articles
2) Provide a value proposition of what services or product is being sold 
3) Write better quote description so the customer understands the value they are getting
4) Quick turnaround for quotes- Send quotes out no later than 48 hours 



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