Customer Growth Rates
This graph shows the number of new customers you added into the mosspaper during a specific time period. It's important to have healthy customer growth rate to ensure profitability and revenue flow into your business.

How to calculate a growth rate:

You will have a past and present number. Let's calculate an annual growth rate. Please note that you can use any data points that shows a change in quantity over time. 

Year 2012: 100 customers
Year 2013: 150 customers 

Formula = (present- past )/past
Company ABC= (150-100)/100

It equates to 0.5. To get a percentage, take 0.5 x100= 50%

So, your growth rate is 50% from 2012 to 2013. In other words, the present value is 50% bigger than the previous year. If the present value is a smaller number than the past value, then you had a decline in growth. 

By hovering over the analytics in Mosspaper, you can show the actual datasets over time. 

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