This graph shows you have many customers are active vs inactive during a specific period of time. You can easily calculate your conversion rate by dividing the number of active customers over the total number of customers you contacted (active and inactive customers). By understanding your conversion rates, you can better predict your business growth and how many leads you need to ensure a level of revenue to cover your operating cost.  

For example, if my conversion rate is 34% than I know I need to have to reach out to at least 32 new customers in order to have 11 active ones. It's a number's game


To improve your conversion rate:

1) Improve your Quote Content. Review your description and make sure it's clear. 

2) Pricing. Be competitive. Add descriptions to your invoice items so people understand what they are receiving. Add new products and service to bring in repeat or new customers. 

3) Attach additional documents. Include some case studies, references, or photos to help ensure your credibility and reliability.  



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