This diagram shows you the number of contracts being clicked on during a specific time range. It simply tells you the number of times your contract sent via email is viewed and opened. 

Open rate= Contracts viewed/contracts sent

The higher the percentage of views, the better. You want your customers to receive and view your contract. To ensure the next step of the process, it's imperative to keep a watchful eye on this metric. If your customers aren't opening their contract links, you won't be get any approvals. 


Way to make sure your customer receive their contracts:

1) Inform your customer that you will be sending them a secure URL for them to click on to sign electronically

2) When you send the contract to the customer, send them an email or call them to let them know you have sent the contract over. 

3) Make sure the customer's email didn't go into the "spam" folders somewhere.

4) Check on the status on the contract in your summary page to see if it's been viewed. 

5) If it has not been viewed, then simply give your customer a call or email to remind them of the contract. 

6) If they did not get the first contract, then resend. Go into the contract, click on "resend contract".

Practicing great customer service is the best way to gain credibility when you're working with any customer.