Online presence for T-shirt business

Tony wants to build a web site to sell t-shirts. He wants to create an online presence as well as have a way for his customers to buy his t-shirts. The web site should reflect his business, work and offer visitors a way to obtain information about his products.

Armin is a web developer and decided to leave his job after his company got bought out. We wanted to take on some side projects and decided to advertise his skills on and Armin has very little knowledge about the operational aspects of running a business, but uses Mosspaper to help facilitate this business.

The First Meeting

A mutual friend refers Tony to Armin after hearing what he needs assistance with. He reviewed Tony's portfolio on his web site and decided to reach out to him. Tony sent him an email to schedule a time to discuss the project in more detail. Upon this initial assessment, they discuss the overall timeline, design options, structure and overall cost. Armin needed to prepare a quote for Tony. 

Armin does not want to overwhelm his customer with a full-blown proposal so he decided to use Mosspaper to create a quote and manage the process. He wants to highlight what he will do, how he will do it, and the timeline. In addition, he wanted a way to track signatures, payment, and have the information accessible.

To get Mosspaper set up, he needed to update his business profile so his information would show up on the quotes. He proceeds to upload all his Google contacts into Mosspaper by importing a csv file. Lastly, Tony uploads his service price list onto Mosspaper so all his pricing is managed in a centralized location.

Now, Armin is ready to create a quote in Mosspaper for the first time. He adds Tony as a new customer with his business information. He uses Mosspaper’s creation tool to generate a quote. He includes the project title, description, services, and pricing. He attached wireframes and sketches of the layout of the web site for Tony’s review. Once Armin was finished with his quote, he sends it to Tony.

Incoming emails are a bottleneck

After a few days, Armin noticed that Tony has not viewed the quote by checking the status in Mosspaper. Armin decides to call Tony to let him know he has a quote in his inbox. Tony is happy about Armin's follow up as he gets bombarded with emails all the time by marketing companies that he missed Armin's email.

Within a few minutes, Armin can see Tony has viewed the quote. Tony wanted to add in an event list and calendar so his customer know which festivals and events he will be at. Tony writes his thoughts in the comment box located directly on the quote. Upon receiving the comments, Armin revises the quote to include this new feature.

Tony approves the quote and signs the quote digitally in minutes. He receives an order confirmation and Armin gets an email notification letting him know the quote has been approved. Armin proceeds to get things set up for Tony's project.

Two weeks into the project, Tony refers his friend, Dan to Armin for a web site project. Armin excited about the opportunity proceeds to create a quote in Mosspaper for his new potential customer who will need his help in a month's time.

Trends in Products and Services

In time, more people were quoted and Armin wanted to understand which services were been quoted the most so he can update his portfolio. He goes into the products and service's page and can get a quick summary of what's being quoted.

The product and service items records his most popular items and how many times he has the items in quotes or contracts. There is a way to define the items by type as well as categories to better organize his product and service list. Through this information, he was able to update his profile to better tailor it to what his customer's needs are and highlight projects he has done in his online portfolio.