The Big Day

Jenna and Jake are getting married. With the big day around the corner, they needed to choose a photographer to capture their big day. First starting off with the engagement photos to see if the photographer is best suited for them. If everything goes well, then they will keep the photographer for the wedding day.

Sam has been a photographer for many years covering weddings, birthdays, and events. His work can be seen in various magazines and featured for his artistic depth. Being the artist and traveling for work, he finds it difficult to manage operations without a centralized area for his work.

Jenna and Jake saw some of Sam's work in a bridal magazine and web site. After seeing a few photos, they decided to contact Sam for a meeting to go over ideas regarding their engagement photo session. They scheduled the meeting for the following week at Sam's studio.

At the meeting, Jenna and Jake were able to review more of Sam's work and came up with a theme for the photo session. They wanted to talk to a few other photographers before they chose a person so they asked Sam for a quote. He told them that he would get them a quote by the end of the day.

Another Crazy Day In The Office

He spent most of the day after his meeting with Jenna and Jake chasing down issues at the office. He was behind in all his work and knows the urgency of getting a quote to a customer promptly. Luckily, with Mosspaper he was able to get a professional looking quote together in a few minutes.

He started to input Jenna and Jake's information into the computer as a new customer. Then, proceeded to create a quote. He includes a description, date of the photo shoot, location and number of pictures he will be taking. In the item details, he includes his engagement package and the details of the package at a basic rate. He attaches his business card to the quote and Mosspaper sends the quote to his customer.

Upon receiving the quotes via email, Jenna was able to forward the link over to Jake. They were looking at other vendors, but were impressed with the how organized the information was on Sam's quote and his professionalism. With all the detail information on the quote, they decided they wanted to book Sam.

Getting Insight

Sam gets an update whenever his customer views a quote through email alerts. He is able to go into Mosspaper to see where the quote is in the sale cycle so he can see what it's the best time to follow up with his customer. He makes sure he is giving them the upmost service he can.  In addition, he is able to organize and track his quotes accordingly.

Jenna was excited about Sam's work, but needed some clarification. She uses the comment box directly on the quote to communicate with Sam. The comment box allows the user to write questions and concerns so the information is tracked, stored and referenced.

Sam got an email notification about the question that Jenna had regarding the deposit. He replied to her comment directly on the quote. Jenna was notified and she approved the quote electronically by using her computer mouse. A pop up box prompts Jenna to provide a deposit for the photo session. She was able to provide her credit card information into Mosspaper and get a confirmation for the transaction.

Everything was scheduled and ready to go. Jenna and Jake felt very comfortable with Sam, even though both were nervous about being photographed. After a long day of posing, they decided to move forward with Sam as their wedding photographer.

Another Day, Another Opportunity

Sam decided to go into Mosspaper and create Jenna and Jake another quote for their wedding day. Since he has done weddings before, he just cloned another quote that he has in his customer file and edited it. He was able to modify the customer and minor details in the description. Since the previous quote had the same package as what Jenna and Jake wanted, it was easy to put together.

Sam sends the quote off to be signed allowing Mosspaper to take care of the rest. He is able to check the status of his quotes and do everything he needs to the quote in a centralized area. All quotes are signed, organized and managed.