New Home

David bought his first home and wanted to get some professional help with getting it set up. He is not the best decorator and really wants to show off his new home. So, he is looking for someone to help him with some color schemes choices to make his home more beautiful.

Karen is a top interior designer in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has owned an Interior Design Company for over 20 years and has been known for her exquisite design work. As an owner of a small firm, she has to review all the client portfolios that come through the office as well as run daily operations. She uses Mosspaper to help manage her business.

David found Karen on Yelp and read her reviews. He decided to schedule a consultation with Karen. He was able to get a hold of her assistant and schedule an appointment for the following week to discuss his requirements.

In Need of Some Color

David has met with other interior designers prior to coming to meet Karen for their appointment. He felt that looking at different consultants would help him to figure out the best person to work with as well as compare rates. After meeting with Karen, David knew that she was the best fit for what he needed although her rates were slightly higher than her competitors.

Karen proceeded to create a quote in Mosspaper. She created two quotes. One was a flat rate and the other was an hourly rate. This way David can figure out what he would like to do. He decided to get his sister, Julie, involved in helping him as well.

Karen included in her terms and conditions that David has the option to switch from an hourly rate contract to a flat fee at any time. The quote would have a block of hours whereby Karen and David would work together on figuring out what would best suit his home. She also included in research time for paint colors, layout of the house and for furniture.

Ready For A New Look

Once Karen was done with the quotes in Mosspaper, she was able to send it directly to David via emaiL She had, also, attached some color scheme for his review. She is able to check the status of the quotes using Mosspaper at any time. The quote gave David a sense of peace because he didn't know what to expect. After the review over with Julie, he carefully decided to move forward with the hourly rate at 5 hours a week. Karen worked closely with David to figure out how they will manage this project.

After about 2 weeks of working with Karen, David realizes that a flat fee for this project would probably be more economical So, he approached Karen about a flat fee for the rest of the project and Karen was happy to provide him with a new quote. She went into Mosspaper to start creating a quote for David.

Quote Done Easier

Karen was able to locate the old quote that was previously sent to David. She took the information from that quote and cloned it. She then proceeded to make minor changes to the hours needed for the service being provided. It seems everything else would be the same so it made sense to her to clone the old quote. She attached the project plan with the color schemes and the work that has been completed so far into the quote.

The quote was sent to David for his final review. He reviewed the quote and felt happy with the final pricing and approve the quote digitally. Karen was able to review the sign quote and saw the time and date stamp of when the quote was approved within Mosspaper.

David was happy with the outcome of the project. While Karen was very happy to use Mosspaper to streamline the whole quote creation process as well as enable her clients to provide her e-signatures for the projects in the pipeline. She was able to reuse some of the information from previous quotes which makes the process much easier and allows her to create quotes in a shorter amount of time as well track the status of all her quotes.