Computer Help

Sheryl is a writer and have recently notice issues with her laptop. Since the laptop is about 6 months old and she's not a technical person, she wanted to protect her investment. She decided to look at some tech maintenance service memberships.

C&C Computer Services support the maintenance of home and business computers. They offer maintenance services from removing viruses to wireless network setup for a PC, laptop, or desktop. They help people get their equipment installed, protected, tuned up, backed up, and repaired.

Sheryl calls up C&C computer services after hearing their commercial on the radio. She called and spoke to Nick about his service offerings. She asked about the service plans and what they can do with her computer. He was able to give her some friendly advice about the maintenance of her current laptop and advised her to bring her computer in for a full evaluation.

Maintenance Plans And Options

She wanted a quote before she comes into the store so she can have the pricing for the maintenance services. Nick told her that he would create two quote plans for her to review. The basic plan will be for simple maintenance where she can bring her laptop in for service a few times a year for a flat rate. The standard plan is for protection, tune up, back up and with a few times of service for broken parts. Sheryl was happy with the different service plans.

Nick goes into Mosspaper to create a quote for Sheryl. He first adds Sheryl into the application as a new customer. He puts her information into the system so other personnel can look her up and reference any notes pertaining to her computer needs. He is also able to attach any documents or photos that pertains to her account.

Nick goes into the creation of the quote. He includes two different titles so Sheryl understands the different plans. He links the quote to the customer by simply selecting the customer from a drop down list. In doing so, each time he goes under the customer name, he will be able to see all her open quotes and contracts, which simplifies the process.

Nick can chose from pre- existing product and service items or add new services by filling in designated fields. The application is flexible so Nick is able to create a flat rate or hourly rates based on the needs of his customers. For additional references, Nick attachs the customer service datasheets with the corresponding technical support number so Sheryl can call for help.

Nick does a final review of the quote and confirms it. An email is sent to Sheryl who views the quote. By opening the link on the email, she is able to see the quote and all the attachments. She can comment, approve or reject the quote.

Basic Plan Ready for Approval

She is happy with the information being captured with the basic plan and clicks on approved. From there, she digitally signs the quote and confirms that she agrees to the terms and conditions set forth. She can easily make a payment on the quote as well.

Nick receives an email alert that his customer has approved the quote. He converts the quote into a contract, which gives Sheryl a contractual confirmation for the services that his company has promised to provide.  The contract captures duration and length of service for the maintenance plans.

With the contracts in Mosspaper, it activates a built-in renewal process. All the contracts are organized by status. When a contract is about to expire, an email notification is sent to the customer to ensure the contracts are renewed. This ensures there is continued service for plans that are set forth.

The renewal process focuses on recurring revenues. This process remind customers that the contract is expiring 30 days before it expires as well as alerts Nick that he needs to send the customer a new quote. Mosspaper works on ensure that Nick is constantly building his customer base, but also, maintaining service on his existing customer base.

From the moment the customer starts working with Nick to the time a quote is signed, all the data is being tracked in Mosspaper. It provides Nick with total visibility into this business and helps to identify areas where he can improve upon. Mosspaper provides insight and information at each touch point so Nick can make better business decisions.