A Ride ls A Phone Call Away

Kelly, a receptionist, at Health Medical Research Inc is expecting a lot of potential customers coming into the office the next upcoming months. Her company wants to arrange some transportation services for the visitors. She does some research to find information on driving arrangements.

Blaine started a local transportation company about a year ago. He has started working with corporate companies to provide transportation services to and from airports as well as other pre-arranged designations. He offer customer pick ups per month at a monthly rate. Blaine uses Mosspaper to manage and store all his contracts.

Kelly calls Blaine after looking at his yelp reviews and web site. She asked him about his monthly transportation services and the rates. It seems Kelly wanted to first start out with the basic plan that has only 4 pick ups per month.

Create A Contract

Blaine goes into Mosspaper to create her a contract. He puts in her company information so he is able to gather insight into how big the company is growing and figure out how to establish a long-term relationship with this new client. He tags the company as 'new customer" so it's easily identifiable in Mosspaper for his drivers.

He then proceeds to create a contract for Kelly based on the specifications given to him. He includes a contract description and the type of service being provided. He includes in the transportation service cost as well payment terms and schedule. He attaches a liability disclaimer that he needs Kelly to review as well as a copy of his insurance policy.


Kelly receives the contract and reviews it with the facilities manager. They reassess the schedule and realized that they need more car arrangements needed then what was originally specified in the contract. Kelly rejects the contract and adds into the comment box that they will need to increase the number of car arrangements. Blaine receives an alert and email notification of the changes Kelly is requesting. It was now Blaine's responsibility to revise the contract based on these new specifications.


Premium Plans

He edits the contract to reflect the premium plan, which will accommodate Health Medical Research Inc’s requirements. Blaine does a final review of the contract and confirms it. An email is sent to Kelly who views the contract. She is happy with the information being captured and forwards the quote to the manager. The facility manager confirms that final pricing is within budget and to move forward with the service.

Kelly goes back to the contract and clicks on “approve”. From there, she digitally signs the quote and confirms that she agrees to the terms and conditions set forth as the main contact. She asks Blaine how the schedules will be arranged and he told her to go to the comment box in the contract to provide date, time, passenger name, and driving route.

This centralizes the information and Blaine will provide her a calendar confirmation with the information so he can also assign it to a driver. Blaine is able to manage and coordinate his business operations through Mosspaper. He is able to ensure the communication flow between his clients and himself as well as track the contract through the sales cycle.

Management Within Mosspaper

The process is set up from the moment Blaine creates the contract and it was approved. The customer is in the system and Mosspaper works to ensure the customer renews their contracts. When a contract is expiring, email notifications are sent out to customers so they are notified. They can easily send a customer a new renewal contract and get their signature digitally with payment options. This allows Blaine to improve his customer service and customer satisfaction.

Mosspaper's contract management allows Blaine to focus on renewal sells for expiring contracts. The application allows him to see what services and products the customer is interested in and the high likelihood of a cross- sell or up- sell.