Opening Soon

Tony is opening his furniture business in a month's time. He is interested in getting some newspaper ads to advertise his business.  He wants to work with a professional team who can give him competitive rates and exposure.

AdLink has been serving the local bay area for many years. They have been using a customized contract management system for years, but found it to be outdated. Bill and his team now use Mosspaper to help them track and facilitate their advertising contracts. Bill is able to complete all the contract information in Mosspaper with his own terms and conditions.

Tony decides to call AdLink after seeing their advertisement. Bill answers the phone and was able to help Tony with a few specifics questions regarding the print schedules and distribution areas. He wants to have a formal announcement for the grand opening and small ads for five consecutive months.


Creating A Contract

With the old contract management system, the task of creating a contract and follow up was time consuming especially with so many moving parts in a typical day. It was hard to keep documents organized and searchable without resources dedicated to just that task. Since the transition over to Mosspaper, Bill can easily send out a contract to his customers.

Bill proceeds to create a contract for Tony in Mosspaper. He fills out the contract description and information related to the terms and conditions. He uploads references as well as samples of what an ad would look like. After he confirms the contract, an email with a link is sent to Tony for his review and digital signature.

Bill goes into Mosspaper and looks for the contract by status. It's a pending contract, which means the contract has been sent to the customer and is awaiting their approval. Depending on where the contract is in the sales cycle, the information is logged, stored, and updated automatically.

With Tony providing his comments on the contract, the information is easily traceable. Bill can see all the stream of comments related to the contract as well as history all in one area. The communication is centralized instead in many different email threads buried in an inbox.
Upon receiving the contract, 

Tony sees he does not include the 1-page ads for the first month. He is able to express his concerns and provide feedback in the contract comment box. Once the comment is submitted, Bill receives an alert as well as an email notification of Tony's concerns.

In the contract, he edits the plans and is able to choose the pricing for a 1-page print ad. He uploads a document regarding the size requirements for the page print ads to the contract for Tony's review. He does another review and confirms the contract.


Secure Electronic Signature

A pop up window prompts Tony to fill in his full name, email and he signs the contract using his computer mouse. With the signature, he agrees with all the terms and conditions set forth in the quote. He can pay the deposit with the payment window or he can wait until the specified due date set by Bill.

Upon his approval, an order confirmation is sent to Bill with a copy of the signed contract. Bill is able to manage and coordinate his business operations through Mosspaper. He is able to ensure the communication flow between his clients and himself. When the contract is about to expiring, Mosspaper will notify Tony of the expiring contract to ensure he renews her contract once the services have been completed after 6 months.

The process is set up from the moment Bill creates the contract and it was approved. The customer is in the system and Mosspaper works to ensure the customer renews their contracts. This allows Bill to improve his customer retention for recurring business.