New Home

Katie is recently divorced and moved into a beautiful Victorian home built in the 1920s. She wants to ensure her new home is well maintained in its current condition. She decided to hire a monthly home maintenance service to help her with some renovation and upkeep.

The Sunshine Handyman service works with their clients to assess the current condition of their home and its needs. Brad develops a plan for each home, outlining services based on their customer’s requirements and schedule completion dates. Brad uses Mosspaper to help manage this whole process.

Katie was recommended to the Sunshine Handyman service by a neighbor of hers. She called Brad to schedule an assessment and get his expert opinion on what is needed to maintain her home. Brad was able to come over to the house for an inspection later that day.

Maintenance Plan In The Works

After assessing the house, Katie wanted to have the floors resurfaced as well as have a leaky faucet repaired. They spoke about some routine maintenance and seasonal work that she will likely need help with. With an older home, she needs to pay special attention to the home.

After the meeting, Brad went back to the office to create Katie a contract for her monthly maintenance services. The services will not include unexpected or emergency services outside the service plans. Brad includes the terms in the contract description so Katie understands the parameters around it.

Within Mosspaper, he is able to organize and allocate resources using his product and service tool. Brad had the services in his products list assigned to various team members. Each person is assigned to a specific task so he knows what everyone's workload is. Brad's team is able to go into Mosspaper and see which quotes they have been assigned to.  In addition, Brad has visibility into which services were best sellers in particular market.


Brad proceeds to create a contract for Katie in Mosspaper. He attaches the task list for each month in the contract so that Katie can review all the assignment schedules. He confirms the contract and email notification were sent to Katie for her review.

Upon receiving an email notification, Katie is able to reject, approved, or make comments to the contract. Katie is able to review all the attachments and add her comments directly on the contract. She can view details about the services being offered as well the terms and payment policies.

Good To Go

She reviewed the contract and felt happy with the final pricing and approved the contract digitally. Within Mosspaper, Brad was able to look at the history of the contract and figure out when Katie first reviewed the contract and signed it. There is an audit history that is available from the moment a quote is created to when it is signed.

In addition, now that Katie is in the system. Mosspaper manages the contract renewal process, which focuses on increasing Bill's renewal business. Once the contract is in place, the system's built in workflow will send out notifications about the expiring contract, improve renewal sale of an existing contract, and store all contracts.

At the end of the 6-month contract term, Mosspaper will send Katie an email notifying her of the expiring maintenance contract. She is able to renew the contract, which is more revenue for Bill Mosspaper provides reminders for Bill as well in alerts and his dashboard so he can always know when he needs to send a renewal contract out to a customer. The platform facilitates this whole process so Bill never misses a renewal opportunity.