Keeping You With The Housework

Peter works for a technology company that requires him to travel about 30% of the time. He has a 2-bedroom flat that needs cleaning while he's away and at home. He likes his condo clean, but do not have the time.

Green Maid Cleaning is a local residential cleaning company that offers weekly and monthly services. ABC Cleaning provides customized maid and housecleaning services. They use Mosspaper contracts to help with organizing, storing and tracking their contract service plans.

Green Maid Cleaning was recommend by his friends and family so he decides to give the company a call. Peter calls the cleaning service and Molly picks up the phone. She was able to address his concerns and his requirements of a bi-weekly general cleaning. She told him general cleaning takes about 3-4 hours.

Peter was happy with the pricing and wanted to try out their services. He requested for a contract to be sent over for his review. Molly proceeds to create a contract in Mosspaper for Peter.

As Peter is a new customer, Molly needs to add him into the system. She includes his address and all the instructions he gave her. The notes are now visible to her team. She tags him as a new customer so she can reference back to his profile.


A Contract Is On Its Way

She creates the contract title, duration for the contract with a start and end date along with a service level that includes the overall cost and terms. She attached some references material so Peter can review them and have a better idea of the type of services Green Maid Cleaning will provide. She did a quick review of the contract and the system automatically sends Peter an email.

Peter is able to comment, approve or reject the contract online while Molly is able to check the history and status of the contract through Mosspaper. When Peter clicks on the contract link, Mosspaper will update the status to “viewed”. This enables Molly to follow up with all her customers more easily as she knows when her customer has viewed the contract.


Improving Communication

Peter receives the email with the contract details and its attachments. He makes comments to the contract in the comment area on the quote so their communication is tracked and recorded to improve overall clarity in the agreement. Upon adding comments to the contract, Molly receives an email alert that shows him what Peter's concerns were.

Molly is able to go into Mosspaper to edit the contract to change the days Peter wanted his service to be done. Upon doing so, she is able to see all the cleaning service days booked for Tuesday so she can make arrangements on personnel. The product and service gives visibility into how many items or category are used in contracts.

She is able to resend the contract. Upon receiving the contract, Peter approved and signed the contract digitally. The system status changed to "approved" and his team is able to view the contract in Mosspaper.

Molly is able to review the signed contract. Within Mosspaper, she was able to look at the history of the contract and figure out when Peter first reviewed it. In addition, once the contract is in place, the system's built in workflow will send out notifications about the expiring contract, improve renewal sale of an existing contract, and store all contracts.

Contract management in Mosspaper focuses on more predictable recurring sales. This process is data driven and time bound so the sales cycle is more predictable. The system provides information on the customer so Molly can improve retention and customer satisfaction. Molly can drive more sales from these customers who will likely buy new services and products instead of investing time and effort in new customers.