A New Job

As a newly graduated college student, Lisa got a new job in San Jose as an marketing assistant. She is hoping that her new position is a good stepping-stone towards a great career in the technology industry. She has been looking on Craigslist for an affordable apartment near work.

John owns a property management firm. He helps his clients rent out their condos or homes as well as ensure the property is taken care of. He is always looking for renters with good credit, strong references, and a stable job. He uses Mosspaper to facilitate contracts on the property he manages.

Lisa sees John's ad in Craigslist and decides to contact him about a one bedroom condo. Her job starts in about 2 weeks so she needs something fairly quickly so she can get settled. She was able to schedule a meeting with John the next day.

Upon the initial walk through of the condo, John explained the terms and conditions of the rental agreement and his expectations. Lisa fills out an application form and left it with John to review. He explained that if all the credit information were cleared, he would send Lisa a contract to review.

Ready To Get Started

John ran a credit check with a third-party vendor and decided to give Lisa the condo to rent. John started to prepare a contract on Mosspaper putting in a description for the condo, the rate, deposit amount, and the month rate. He was able to attach the application form to the contract as a reference.

He included pictures and photos of his one bedroom condo. After reviewing the contract, he was ready to send the contract to Lisa. Upon sending the contract, Lisa will receive an email with a secure SSL link to the contract where she can review and reference the information John provided her. Upon receiving the email, she forwards the email to her parents to review the contract.

Lisa's dad, Steve, had some questions about the contract terms. He wanted a more long-term contract with John for 1 year instead of 6 months. He expressed his concern directly to the comment box on the quote.

John goes into Mosspaper directly to the contract and made modifications to the contract. He is able to reference the information that was communicated between him and Lisa with the comment box next to the contract.

Tracking Your Work

John is able to keep track of the contract history and the number of revisions in the quote review page as well as see if a client has viewed it. The history includes time, date and the email address. The audit trail provides a critical component in fraud detection as well as the legitimacy of transactions.

Upon completing the revised contract, he sends the contract to Lisa. She receives another email notification of the new contract with a link for her to review. Lisa and her dad, Steve, reviewed the contract and agreed on the terms. Lisa went to the contract page and approved it. Upon clicking on the 'Approved' button on the contract page, a pop up appeared where Lisa can put her name, full email address and sign electronically.

John is able to track the sales cycle as well as e-signatures. With real-time monitoring of unsigned contracts, John is able to increase the transparency of the whole process. Mosspaper enables electronic signatures for a customer's convenience as well as the enforceability of the contract.

Once the contract is in place, the system's built in workflow will send out notifications about the expiring contract so Lisa will know when her contract is up. Mosspaper tracks the contract and it's automatically managed by the database to help John stay on top of his work. With Mosspaper, the built-in workflows and triggers that will kick off the contract renewal process for John.