Playing Notes

Tommy is interested in learning how to play the piano. He played the violin when he was young but wanted to try the piano. He is looking for a music instructor that offers private lessons.

Tina has been a piano teacher for many years at the local college. She offers private classes at a local studio on the weekend. She uses Mosspaper to track her monthly membership contracts.

Some friends referred Tommy to Tina. He calls Tina to ask for pricing and some more information. She asked him to come into her studio that weekend to go over his requirements and skill level. During the meeting, Tina wanted to test his note reading skills and see if they will be able to work together well.

Tommy felt at ease with Tina and asked to sign up with her studio. Tina went into Mosspaper to prepare Tommy a contract for his piano lessons. She created him 2 contracts. One contract was for hourly rates for 1 hour a week for 3 months. The other contract was for a flat rate for a 6 month commitment with a savings of 20% savings compared to the hourly rate.



Providing Options

Each contract has different terms and conditions due to the nature of the contract. Tina wanted to provide flexibility into her pricing as well as show Tommy the different options. She wanted him to pick the plan he was most comfortable with.

As she creates her contract, she goes into her products and services area where her price list is centralized and managed from. She is able to create new service items or update her price list accordingly. She is also able to see which services are the most popular.

Tina adds Tommy into her customer database to eliminate a great deal of paperwork. She knows the information is easily accessible anywhere. Mosspaper makes it easy to help Tina manage essential information pertaining to her clients. The platform enables her to quickly start tracking name and address information as well as upload pictures, documents, or other files relevant to each contract.

Tina includes her terms and conditions so Tommy knows he has the option to switch from an hourly rate contract to a flat fee at any time. In the item= 1 details, she included his lesson packages and the details of the package at the different rate. She adds her payment policy so Tommy understands how, where and when to pay.

Once Tina is done with the contract in Mosspaper, she was able to send it directly to Tommy via email. She is able to track the contract as well as its status using Mosspaper at any time.



Music For the Soul

Tommy was excited about Tina's work, but had some questions about the contract. He wrote on the contract using the comment box. The area allows the user to write questions and concerns about the contract.

The information is tracked, stored and can be a reference if a contract needs to be revised. Tina got an email notification about the question that Tommy had regarding the payment options. She was able to reply to the comment in the contract. Tommy was notified of the reply and he approves the contract electronically. After clicking on the approved button, he was able to sign the agreement using his computer mouse and it was confirmed.

All contract are signed, organized and managed. Tina can check the status of her quotes and do everything she needs to the quote in a centralized area.  Also, she knows the contract was legally binding to protect her business.

Mosspaper's contract management focuses on increasing Tina's renewal business. Once the contract is in place, the system's built in workflow will send out notifications about the expiring contract, improve renewal sale of an existing contract, and store all contracts. It focuses on more predictable recurring sales. The customer is already in the system so Tina can look at existing data about this customer and predict their buying patterns through statistics available in Mosspaper.