IT Services for Law Firm

Nelson is an employment lawyer who is starting his own firm. He needs to have an IT service provider to back up all his legal documents in accordance to the law set forth by the state of California. He is not a technical person so he needs to rely on a company with expertise in this field. Uptime is important, as he needs to be able to access his files at all time.

IMS is an IT Managed Services Provider, who recognizes the importance of regular network maintenance and monitoring. With the IT managed services support, Johnson and his team alert their clients to potential problems and provide IT maintenance services to ensure the continuance of all business operations. Johnson uses Mosspaper to help facilitate the maintenance contract for his clients.

A friend recommended Nelson to IMS. He schedules a meeting with Johnson to discuss his requirements and see what his team can provide Nelson. A meeting is scheduled and it was a good opportunity for IMS.

Requirements Are Clear

In the meeting, Nelson explained his daily operations. For an IT perspective, he needed electronic document imaging and information management solutions to support the litigation process, commercial imaging and back file conversions. He wanted to be able to back up the data in the document management system as well as files being attached.

The scope of the work was clear and documented by Johnson. He proceeds to get a contract prepared for Nelson while keeping their long-term goals in line with what needs to be implemented. He decided to write up a statement of work.

Johnson adds Nelson as a customer in Mosspaper tagging him as a top customer for this quarter. The tagging function enables Johnson to track and categorize by content or category. He is able to store information about the customer and link all contracts by customer in Mosspaper.

Customer Options

Johnson created 2 contracts. Both contracts are valid for 1 year with different payment options to enable the customer some flexibility. One contract was for an annual price with a discount of 10% if it's paid in full upon the implementation. Another contract was for an annual price that is billed monthly at the beginning of each month with a credit card on file.

He added a service description to the maintenance contract he's putting in place as well as the length of service and cost. He includes the terms and conditions for each contract as well as privacy policies attached to the quote system. The contract is now being tracked in the system as Johnson confirms the quote.

The system sends the contract to Nelson to review in his email with a secure SSL link to where he will be able to comment, approve or reject the contract online. Johnson is able to check the history and status of the information to see where the contract is in the sales cycle. He is able to ensure he is following up with all his customers and know if they have viewed the contract or not.

Contract Is Sent

Nelson receives the email with the contract that has all the details and its attachments. He makes comments to the contract in the comment area on the quote so their communication is tracked and recorded to improve overall clarity in the agreement. Upon adding comments to the contract, Johnson receives an email alert that shows him what Nelson's concerns were.

Johnson was able to go into Mosspaper to edit the contract with what Nelson wants and resend it. Upon receiving the contract, Nelson approved and signed the contract digitally. The system status changed to "approved" and his remote contractors are able to view the contract in Mosspaper to see the validity of the terms. Their work instructions are also on the contract so it's clear on what is expected between Nelson and Johnson's IT firm.