Handmade Purses For Sale

Jennifer started selling handmade purses from her home. She wants to officially launch her business so she decided to be an exhibitor at a local trade show with an estimated 10,000 attendees. She has increased production of her handmade purses and is now ready to sell them at the trade show.

The Retail Merchandise trade show is a well-established annual trade show event. The trade show attracts attendees from every retail and distribution channel who come to discover new suppliers, new product categories, and different ways to profit. The Retail Merchandise trade show uses Mosspaper to facilitate, organize, manage and store their vendor contracts.

Jennifer registers to be an exhibitor online. The registration form is under review and a representative will send her over a contract to review. She continues to prepare for the event as it's in a few weeks and she needs to get everything planned out.

Creating A Contract

A representative, Courtney, sends Jennifer a contract using Mosspaper. She fills out the contract title, description, and what the cost associated with the space would be. The contract would start on the date Jennifer signs it as she enters into an agreement in which she will need to abide by rules and regulations set forth by the trade show association.

Courtney attaches a map of the proposed event space and the terms for Jennifer to review. Jennifer was required to put down a deposit and is contractually obligated to pay the rest of the payment the day before the event starts. There were rules and guidelines to what can be displayed in the booths.

Courtney uses Mosspaper to legally protect the trade show association as well as the safety of all attendees. She only wants serious exhibitors who are willing to pay and be a part of this community of manufacturers. It's especially important for the attendees to have good vendors at the exhibition so they can continue to attract small business owners seeking new vendors.


Comment Box Makes It Easy

Jennifer reviewed the information and decides she wanted a booth closer to the center of the exhibition. She writes her concerns in the comment box area for Courtney to review and confirm. An email notification is sent to Courtney letting her know about Jennifer's concern. She comments back on the contract to streamline all communication. Courtney expressed to her the availability of 2 spaces. Jennifer wanted to review both of them.

Courtney decided to delete the original contract and created 2 new contracts for Jennifer. The reason why Courtney did this was due to the different pricing and deposit amounts for each of the spaces. In addition, based on the contract title, she can figure out on Mosspaper how many outstanding contracts she has sent out on each space and the status. With over 150 spaces to keep track of, she usually exports the contracts as a CSV to view things in greater detail.

Another way Courtney assesses this data is to review the product and services items page to see the space number and the number of times it's been quoted. Since she adds each space as a product and manages the entire price list in one centralized area, it's easy to make any changes to the space in this list. From a glance, she can see which space has been booked with a '1' next to it and what is outstanding which will likely have a number larger than 1.

Courtney completes both of the contracts for Jennifer. An email notification has been sent to Jennifer. Jennifer is able to reject, comment, or approve the contracts. Jennifer rejects contract #1 and approves contract #2 for the space near the entrance to the main hall. She's counting on foot traffic and high visibility for her launch. Courtney receives a confirmation for the contract as well as Jennifer. Courtney is able to view the contract with Jennifer's signature. Both parties can proceed with this contract in place.

Jennifer is happy about getting a great exhibition space and launching her new business. Courtney is excited about bringing on a new vendor with ease. She is also happy about Mosspaper facilitating the contract management workflow to ensure the trade shows association is legally protected.