Mosspaper is dedicated to helping business owners improve their business with these key features:

  • Truly Paperless Quote Management

Quote built in creator tool captures all your important customer information as well allow you to upload documents and images. Then, sends the information to your customer for a electronic signature. No need to search for your signed quotes that are emailed, faxed or scanned.

  • Receive Real- Time Updates

Once a quote or contract is sent out, Mosspaper tracks and provides status updates. So, you always know when someone has viewed, commented, rejected, or approved your file. With alerts and notifications, you stay on top of your work.

  • Product and Service Tool

Improving the consistency of your products and services items by having a standardized way of how the information will show up in quotes or contracts. A centralized price list managed by one admin decreases pricing errors as well as descriptions for products and services.


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