Bent Wheel

Finn owns a bike shop that sell new and old bikes as well does repairs. His assistant was managing the finances until he realize there were some issues with his accounting books and decided to let his assistant go after he got a notice from the IRS of a tax audit. Without much knowledge of what his assistant has done, he really needs to find an accountant to get his finances organized, manageable and settled with the IRS.

Renee is a certified CPA and started a small accounting office. She is well versed in tax preparation and has worked closely with tax lawyers in the past to help ensure small businesses stay out of trouble. She usually reviews a situation and provides a step-by-step roadmap that would offer the best solution to solve tax complications.

Finn reaches out to Renee when he saw her positive reviews on Yelp and her web site. He decides she may be able to provide him the answers he desperately needs. He sets up an appointment to talk to Renee and time to go over their paperwork together.

After the initial consultation, Renee was able to pinpoint the errors in his books. She realized the assistant was mixing his revenue with his expenses together in QuickBooks. In order for her to review all his earnings and expenses, it would take a lot of time to get everything organized. Finn wants a quote so he understands the overall cost for her services.

Two Quotes On The Way

Renee goes into Mosspaper to create Finn two quotes. One quote was an hourly rate with estimated hours she believes would require completing this task. The other quote was a fixed rate, which is hard for her if this task is a lot bigger than she anticipates, but wants to help her client by providing both quote rates.

In the quote, she was able to separate out the line item to say hourly rate with the terms such as how hours will be logged and paid. In the other quote, she included in the fixed rate with the contingency that it does not include hours needed to collect the receipts and it was Finn's responsibility. She was able to separate out her policies base on the type of service being provided. This provides Finn with more flexibility and control over the cost of this task.

Professional Quotes

After receiving the quotes via email, Finn knew he has chosen the right tax and accounting consultant. The quote 3 was clear and concise on what was to be expected as well as had a professional look to it. He was able to view both quotes online without having to print anything out. He decided to go with the fixed rate in hopes of getting this all settled so he can send a letter to the IRS explaining what happened.

Finn went to the link with the hourly rate and rejected it. In the comment box, he informed Renee that he would be going with the fixed rate. He opens the other quote and approves that. He signs the quote digitally and works to gather all the receipts and invoices for Renee to review.

Renee receives the approved quote and lets Finn know of when she will come to his office to collect the documents for her assessment. Renee was able to finish it within 2 weeks and was able to write a letter to the IRS to explain what had happened with her signature. Also, Finn enclosed a check for the balance he owed the IRS. Luckily, the IRS agent they worked with was able to recognize the issue and only charge Finn a late fee for the balance he didn't pay for state taxes.

Happy Customer

Finn was very happy with the outcome and wanted to continue having Renee as his accountant to do monthly bookkeeping and payroll. Renee created Finn a contract in Mosspaper. Renee included a contract description, the services being offered, payment schedule and the duration for the contract. Under terms and conditions, she describes how the monthly billing would work and different payment options that are available.  

Finn was able to review the contract online and sign it electronically. He was able to make a payment through Mosspaper. He was happy to have an accountant at a fixed rate that worked a few hours a month to help keep him out of trouble. Renee was happy she was able to use Mosspaper for quoting a new customer and contracts for long-term relationships with customers like Finn who needed monthly services at an annual rate.

Renewal Time

Finn's contract is expiring. Renee is notified through Mosspaper to ensure she follows up with Finn. Once the contract is in place, the application’s built in workflow will send out notifications about the expiring contract. This improves renewal sales of contracts from current customers. When a contract is in the system, it's tracked and managed by Mosspaper. The application reviews all the terms and contract end dates to provide a summary report of all outstanding items.

Renee can easily go to the original contract. Click on the “renew” button and send the contract out to Finn. All the contracts are stored together so Renee has everything in one centralized database.