Quote Title

Create a title for the work you will be providing. 


You can easily select a customer from your list or simply add in a new customer name and email. The system will automatically save the customer name and email under your customer list. 

Expiration date 

Putting an expiration date on a quote is standard practice. This is to protect you from clients who want you to honor a quote at a later date (months or years).


Making your description more professional will help you win more business. It is best to start off with your mission statement and highlight the products or services you will be providing to the customer. 

Products and Service Items

You can choose from your products/services list or add an item name and description. The item name field is to state the products/services you are providing. In the description, it is best to provide more information such as timelines, phases, or details about the products/services being rendered. 

Request Payment

You can put in a payment amount with a due date. Upon the customer's approval, your payment request will appear with a payment method. This feature will need to be configured through “My Payments” under Payment Integration. 

Terms & Notes

This section is for you to include any company policies such as payment options, terms, cancellations, refunds, or product returns.


You can include any documents or images you feel will be relevant to the quote or anything associated with this customer quote.